Covid-19: How Staying Healthy When Staying At Home Is Your Only Option?

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, the routine must be slowed down and readjusted. Staying at home makes us aware of the time we spend more outdoors than indoors. This more isolated moment has its challenges, but it can also foster certain processes.

Keep your eating routine

Just because you are at home does not mean that your meal times should not be respected. Maintain the routine of properly preparing the main meals of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. As if you were in the previous routine. Eating regularly, slowly, and carefully is a good way to naturally control how much you eat. Therefore, having adequate and healthy meals eaten at similar times each day and eaten carefully and unhurriedly promotes the digestion of food and also prevents you from eating more than you need to. Fresh or dried fruits, nuts, peanuts and other oilseeds without salt or sugar are great alternatives.

Trade recipes or learn new ones

Cooking is good for your health, your budget, as well as great therapeutic potential. Preparing your own foods puts knowledge of the origin of ingredients at your fingertips and saves you from the convenience and inconvenience of consuming ultra-foods. -transformed.

Take care of your mental health

People are sociable beings. For this reason, being more isolated at home can be detrimental to your mental health. But there are ways around it. Use technology to your advantage to make audio or video calls to people who live far away from you. But despite this, also try to limit the harmful use of social media. The social network must be an ally of your well-being and not of your illness. There are also a lot of great things to do offline, like reading books, watching movies, or listening to music.