The sophistication of phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are among the most worrying cyber threats a business can face. The frequency and severity of these attacks make them impossible to ignore. So how do you avoid them? Here are some best practices your business can take to protect your business.

Phishing attacks are getting more and more sophisticated

Phishing attacks are more and more sophisticated. One tactic is domain spoofing: using an Internet domain name that can easily be mistaken for a legitimate website to trick users into trusting its (malicious) content. Spear phishing, a phishing attack targeting a specific individual, is now more stealthy and more prolific. ue. It has become one of the most common methods used by hackers to collect confidential information in order to steal money from businesses.

Why phishing attacks are dangerous

These attacks have become more frequent and cost businesses millions of dollars. Lack of data protection results in surprising financial losses that can be difficult to recover, especially for small organizations that risk shutting down operations altogether. In addition to losing data and money, businesses that experience phishing attacks also suffer reputational damage. Over 90% of spy attacks use phishing as the weapon of choice. Ensuring permanent protection against these threats is a fundamental argument for companies of all sizes.

Recommendations to avoid these phishing attacks

Security policy solutions and training help reduce the chances of successful phishing attacks. Employees must learn to be careful when clicking on links. Being able to identify suspicious links is one of the first lines of defense. Software updates are also important and help protect devices from cyber attacks and keep networks secure. Some high-end firewalls contain spam and virus filters which can be great tools to protect your business.

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