3 advice to be well equipped on the internet

Until further notice, the internet is the most trusted source of information. With easy access, news on the Internet has become the daily life of many people. However, it is important to know how to differentiate between fake and real information in order to have reliable information. To achieve this, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Diversify sites and search engines

To have reliable information on the internet, it is very important to turn to several sites and search engines. By clicking on sites discover more tips on checking information on the internet. This way, you will be able to recognize reliable information. To analyze information, it is more prudent to use universities, specialized institutions, or museum sites. It is also recommended to look at online encyclopedias in order to avoid false information. Then examine the different results obtained during your research.

To identify the author of the information

It is very important to look for the identifiable author of the information. By having an idea about the author of the content you are publishing, it will be much easier for you to estimate whether this information is verified. You will then be sure of the quality of the information disclosed. In order to identify the author, it is necessary to follow certain steps. To do this, the Internet user must ask about the author's rights in order to have an idea of his intentions. The Internet user must therefore go in search of indications: about, contact, or who are we to have an idea about the identity of the author of the information.

Be aware of the origins of your sources

Information disclosed on the internet can have several original sources. The page on which the information is published may be the origin of the information or it may be from another source. Three types of sources are to be notified. We have the primary source, the secondary source, and the tertiary source. The primary source shares the information with its own experience. The secondary source does additional work on the primary source by analyzing the facts. The tertiary source puts the primary and secondary sources together to share a compilation of these findings.