3 tips to get a smaller waistline for bodybuilding

Having a slim waist today is the goal of many people because such a waist is often considered aesthetic. But there are other reasons to choose a slimmer waist: health. Indeed, the accumulation of abdominal fat increases the risk of disease. Find out in this article three tips for getting a slimmer shape.

Exercise your abs

The most obvious way to work your muscles is to study how they work. For example, the rectus abdominis in your abdomen is a long, flat muscle. It comes from the lower part of your rib cage. It helps to stabilise the torso. But its importance is that it contracts in a very short movement. It flexes your back forward and brings your pubic bone closer to your breastbone. This is the main action of the abs for a slimmer waist. For more detailed information, click for source. In recent years, two fundamental exercises have been considered for working the abdominal muscles. These exercises mobilise the hip flexors. The abs stabilise the torso. These are the full torso lifts and the leg lifts.

The importance of the obliques

Those responsible for a thicker waistline include the diagonally arranged muscles of the rectus abdominis and the large obliques. However, if your goal is to have slim and aesthetic breasts, avoid working with loads during the exercises. Your busts are already stressed during squats and upper body exercises. The more weight you use, the more you widen your waistline rather than slimming it. To get the latter, unloaded side bends and crunches with rotations are sufficient. Finally, to get a slimmer waist, exercises alone are not enough. You also need to control your diet. To do this, you need to eat enough fibre which is found in cereals, vegetables and other fruits.

The usefulness of crunches

Crunch or chest lift can isolate the abs in any workout. Keep in mind that the most important thing during your exercises is to pull your stomach in. To do this, you need to make contractions while exhaling. With the traditional crunch, you need to lie on the floor, on your back, with your feet on a bench or standing. Then roll your chest towards your pelvis, contracting your abs to the max and pushing your lower back against the floor.