All about home hairdressing

With the evolution of the world, all sectors of activity, both digital and artisanal, are improving on a large scale. Without moving, you can enjoy a multitude of services from your home, such as hairdressing at home. A profession that shows speed, efficiency and creativity in its execution. What do I need to know about home hairdressing? What types of hairdressing are done at home? Read this article to find out more. 

What is home hairdressing ?

The hairdressing at home is a profession exercised by a professional of the field going of the hygienic and aesthetic care of the natural hair, aesthetic and other to discover in the next page. The specialist of a hairdressing at home offers a variety of services, which is generally the same as that offered in a hair salon. As its name indicates, the professional hairdresser at home moves to his client whether it is in his residence, his place of work or vacation and even in collective structures. They are equipped with accessories that can be easily transported.

The formalities to become a professional hairdresser at home

Start by choosing a legal status. It is important that your activity is carried out in strict legality. To do this, you must have a proof of your profession that it is a CAP or a Brevet Professionnel or a Brevet de maƮtrise en " coiffure ". All these diplomas must be approved or registered during delivery in the national directory of professional certifications in the field of hairdressing. Also, a document proving three years of experience obtained in the European Union (EU) or other territory part of the European Economic Area (EEA) as a manager, independent worker, or employee in the application of the trade is also valid. Likewise, in order to be authorized to use certain dangerous products, you must have a professional or master's degree in hairdressing.