Focus on tongue drums

The tongue drums allow you to harmonize your energy in order to keep away from you the bad waves that will harm your good mood and your productivity. But if you want to use this equipment, you should at least have some basic information about it. Fortunately, this article gives you the necessary information. 

What is it really ? 

Experts give information on this site, follow their explanation. A steel tongue drum is a musical instrument of the idiophone (or autophone) family. It is a percussion instrument, whose sound comes from the material itself. It is also called a tank drum, hank drum or simply tongue drum. 

To play it, one taps on it with the hands and/or with an object, such as mallets or sticks. Even if its ancestors have been around for a long time, the new tongue drum models are bringing it up to date. 

Several ranges, for a customized atmosphere 

Then, a tongue drum is usually part of a scale, which offers different sound rendering. Here are the scales you can find : 

 - The minor scale: softer and more calming, it is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially conducive to meditation. Moreover, the oriental type tongue drum lends itself perfectly to this use. 

 - The major scale: producing a deeper and more intense sound, it is perfect for a festive, joyful and warm atmosphere. 

 - The multi-range tongue drum: as its name indicates, this unique instrument allows you to access both the major and minor scales. Thus, you can vary the pleasures according to your desires. 

If you are not yet familiar with the steel tongue drum, it is best to start with a multi-range model, such as the Beat Root. This versatile instrument features magnets that make tuning easy and efficient. In addition, pay special attention to the notes available on the steel tongue drum. 

This criterion depends mainly on the model, its slats and its dimensions. Indeed, some are limited to 4-5 notes, while others go up to 9 (even 18 for electronic models). The number of notes will greatly impact the possibilities offered by your instrument.