How should you behave during a job interview?

You are looking for a job and finally you are called for an interview. If this is your first experience, there are a number of things you should know. Check out this list of the ideal behaviour that could win you the job.

The first impression

When you get a call for a job interview, it's always good to be present. Whatever your job, clear the moment required by whoever is calling you for the interview. It doesn't matter who the interviewer is. The most important thing is to show up for the interview without making excuses. More about the author, you will discover here. At first impression, punctuality is the element on which the recruiter will rely most. If you come late to a job interview, do not expect to be hired. You are indirectly showing the recruiter that you are a perpetual latecomer. This will not help the recruiter's business. To avoid such situations, it is a good idea to set several clocks to the day before. This way you can get to the interview location on time. Common sense would dictate that you should be there about thirty minutes before the interview starts. Apart from punctuality, you should take care of your dress code. You should never neglect your appearance. Preferably, come to the interview in your work clothes. You should have a very good posture. Be polite, responsible and professional before entering the institution. This is not a mourning session. Keep a smile on your face. Posture is recommended at the waiting area. One thing to remember: your mobile phone. You should put it on silent before the interview starts. In the worst case, turn it off.

Attitude during and at the end of the interview

When the time for the interview rings, wait for the call. Once you are in front of the recruiter, be polite enough to greet him or her first, regardless of the age difference. Wait until they ask you to sit down before taking your seat. Once you are seated, adopt a normal posture appropriate for a working professional. Do not give the impression that you are shy or too tough. Keep it as simple as possible. Be upright, smile and speak when the recruiter gives you the floor. When the recruiter speaks, just listen carefully and look them in the eye. Make sure you take note of very useful details from what your recruiter says. The recruiter will think that you are paying attention and really want the job you came for. Once the interview is over, the first thing to do is to say thank you to your recruiter. If necessary, ask him/her all your questions about the next appointment, the remuneration, ... Once you have the answer to your questions, you can say goodbye to your recruiter.