How to choose a bathroom shower?

Less bulky and more environmentally friendly than the bathtub, the shower is suitable for all budgets and offers a variety of functionality. The installation of a shower in your bathroom can easily seduce you. However, faced with the multiplicity of offers, you will not be able to make a reasonable choice. To help you, we put at your disposal, the criteria that you should consider when selecting the shower for your bathroom.

Consider the shape of the shower

Generally, the shower enclosures available on the market come in three shapes. Depending on your taste, you can choose a square shower. More or less large, this traditional version is easily adapted to small spaces. You can easily install it at home. You can check my reference to know how you should install a bathroom shower.
Failing to choose the square shower, you can opt for a quarter circle shower. This one allows you to optimize a bathroom and is ideally placed in a corner. This way, it doesn't take up too much space. You can also turn your attention to the rectangular shower. Generally more spacious than the others, this one is more or less long. It is a great option if you are replacing your bathtub with a water closet.

Consider the shower tray

Apart from the shape of the shower, you should also consider the shower tray. When choosing the tray, you will need to take into account the possibilities offered by the drainage system. There are basically two types of shower trays. On the one hand, there is the tiled shower tray and the one to be installed.
The tiled shower tray is a must for the Italian shower. It is interesting in terms of safety, because it offers a continuity with the bathroom. As for the drop-in tray, it is easy to install, especially in the case of a renovation. It allows you to ensure that the water is drained in accordance with current standards.