The importance of having good communication with adolescents

Considering the fact that many of the emotional and relationship problems encountered in a family are primarily related to an inadequate communication style, taking care of the latter element is capable of offering an almost limitless number of benefits. However, if we focus on the area of educating teenage children, the following advantages should be highlighted.

It allows them to develop self-knowledge

Ideas contrasted with you can help them question beliefs about themselves, things they believed about an idea that limited them and led them to underestimate themselves, for example. Having an adult point of view allows them to see things from a very different perspective than adolescents, who normally adhere to a set of values and beliefs different from those of others, both through a matter of maturity question of the differences between generations.

Contributes to the respect of house rules

Another of the implications of maintaining good communication with a teenager has to do with his predisposition to obey house rules. And it is that whether he respects them or not depends above all on his understanding, for which the involvement of the elders of the house is generally necessary.

Promotes conflict resolution

Of course, we must not forget that the resolution of conflicts between parents and adolescents is much easier if there is already good communication on a daily basis. Otherwise, the negotiations and reconciliations often required to resolve these issues meet with increased initial resistance. On the other hand, the lack of moments in common to talk also makes it easier for adolescents to disregard the interests of the rest of the family members, so that establishing a good flow of communication is also. a factor of conflict prevention.