The importance of warming up before any sport

Pre-workout, for both strength training and aerobic exercise, requires care in warming up the body. Many people still think that all they need to do is go to the gym and start training. However, this can cause a drop in blood pressure, fainting and even dizziness if you are not well prepared beforehand. Read about the importance of warming up in this article.

The reason to warm up before any sport activity

A warm-up phase before any sport should actually be a matter of course: this warm-up ensures that the organ and neuromuscular processes are optimized during the entire training period. Your brain is also preparing for the upcoming load, you are mentally adapting to what comes next now. For more information, look at this site Warming up also prevents injuries: tendons, muscles, ligaments.

The joints are optimally prepared by a flexible activity before the start of the actual sports work. The risk of muscle pain and sports injuries such as fiber tears and strains is reduced. Muscles with good blood circulation are more flexible, the internal friction of individual muscle fibers and the structures surrounding them is reduced by the warm-up.

The best rules for an optimal warm-up

If you are active early in the morning, it will take longer to reach operating temperature after getting up. If you do outdoor activities during the cold season, you should also allow more time to warm up in the summer. The reason: the reduced outdoor temperature affects the musculoskeletal system. Another factor is your age. 

Younger athletes generally need less warm-up exercise than older people. For older people, the warm-up may take 30 minutes or more, while younger athletes may be ready to go after 10 minutes. For a short run in the woods, of course, you need to warm up for much less time than you would before a sports competition.