What should we remember about the mosasaurus?

Of the marine species that have existed, the mosasaurus is one of the most ferocious of the prehistoric period. Its fame makes that today, like the dinosaurs, although it no longer exists, continues to impact people. In this article, you will discover the essential of what it is necessary to retain on the mosasaurus. 

Environment of the mosasaurus 

The mosasaurus is an extinct type of the giant marine dinosaur. You can click on dinosaur-universe.com to discover wonders about the mosasaurus. This animal is a carnivore that lived in the Upper Cretaceous. It was in great numbers in the ocean layers when the Mesozoic era was coming to an end; about 82 and 66 million years before the present era. 
It was during the Campanian and Maastrichtian phases. Meaning lizard of the Meuse, the mosasaurus takes its reverence from the name of the river in which it was found for the very first time. The first remains of the mosasaurus were found not far from the Dutch city of Maastricht, at the beginning of the eighteenth century. 
It should be added that some of these bones of this animal were found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The food of the mosasaurus 

The food of the mosasaurus is less mastered, because it was not easy to trace its diet. However, paleontologists dwell on the fact that this animal is a sailor and carnivore to imagine that it could have for prey marine animals. 
Also, if we take into account its sense of smell, the mosasaurus has a smell similar to that of a scavenger. In addition to that, its sharp, solid and large teeth, added to the fact that it is a Cretaceous marine animal, we deduce that it had the ability to eat all the animals that live in its environment. Finally, other prey of the mosasaurus, we can cite marine reptiles such as turtles, sharks, birds, cephalopods, and other mosasaurus.